A career in hair represents an incredible opportunity to possess real practical skills with fabulous earning potential and a platform to express your creativity. A IKONIC apprenticeship is recognised as the ultimate in industry training and offers the most comprehensive foundation available to aspiring hair professionals. During a IKONIC apprenticeship, you are carefully guided through the IKONIC cutting or colouring techniques. Creative Directors will teach you to build your skills to the standard expected of IKONIC hair professional while preparing you for a classic assessment that will demonstrate your readiness for a role on the IKONIC team. Once qualified, your career with us could lead to you joining the renowned Creative team, working on shows and events across the globe or adopting a management role, directing one of the prestigious IKONIC salons. You could also become a member of our full time education team, helping direct the careers of others or enjoy being a member of our creative cutting or colouring team in a fabulous IKONIC Salon in an exciting city location. If you have the determination to succeed, excellent communication skills and endless enthusiasm, start your career with the best in the industry and join the IKONIC Team.

Salon Director

A Salon Director's role is both engaging and thought provoking and requires a high degree of discipline to successfully manage a IKONIC flagship location in the highly competitive modern day Hair Industry.

A Salon Director’s goals revolve around creating a smoothly functioning and happy salon environment to enable the magic of IKONIC to unfold. Salon Directors make the crucial operational decisions, control budgets, problem solve and assist team members in achieving professional goals and company targets.

You would also be responsible for the many operational duties that are part of a sophisticated salon operation, providing a professional work place for your team, one that they will describe with pride as well as a welcoming and relaxing environment for your guests.

You would be responsible for monitoring the performance of the unit and compiling reports that reviews the results, and together with the Regional Manager, use the analysis gathered to develop plans that may be implemented to enhance individual and collective accomplishment.

Above all, a Salon Director must be a 'people person' as a key component to the position involves acting as a conduit between management, the team and guests.

The role of a IKONIC Salon Director is stimulating and motivating and encompasses many different skill sets.


If you are passionate about helping others to succeed, and sharing the world-renowned techniques, the celebrated role of IKONIC Instructor may be for you.

As a member of the educational team you will meet people from across the globe, eager to tap into their potential and who share your passion for hair.

Working in a highly creative and motivating environment, you will have the opportunity to enjoy fully funded continuous training and benefits that include a comprehensive salary package with paid vacation and retail bonuses. Additional incentives such as, in-house awards that celebrate individual and team successes and ongoing guest care and service training, attest to the commitment to maintain the highest level of creativity and professionalism within all IKONIC locations.

A career progression is intrinsic to the IKONIC philosophy. The IKONIC leadership team advises and mentors all Creative Team members with the goal to help them achieve their professional ambitions. Hair professionals around the world pay for the IKONIC leadership team’s experience and expertise, and you would receive this priceless education each day you teach at IKONIC Academy

An Instructors role is an intensely rewarding one and the most positive choice for your future career.

How To Apply

If you are interested in being considered for a position at IKONIC, please send your resume accompanied by a cover letter to:

Shop No. 35, ground floor, sector-17 A Market,